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Austin Rivers blasts Glen Davis for being ‘constantly out of shape’ with Clippers

Glen Big Baby Davis made headlines earlier this year when he had some critical comments for his former coach, Doc Rivers. He also dragged Austin Rivers into that discussion in another interview, saying the fact he was the coach’s son brought some turmoil into the locker room.

Appearing on Fox Sports’ Undisputed Wednesday, Austin Rivers had some responses to Davis, and it seems the two aren’t as friendly as they once were. The former teammate laid in pretty heavily with his blunt assessment as to why Davis didn’t get much playing time in Los Angeles.

Irving made it clear on the game’s first possession what kind of night he was going to have. He drove by Steph Curry and took it all the way to the basket.

Authentic Kids Jalen Ramsey Jersey With 6.2 seconds remaining before halftime, Irving went the length of the court for another remarkable finish to cut the Warriors’ lead to six.
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The Finals shifted in Cleveland’s favor last year when Irving began to drop 30-plus points and help provide balance to the James-led Cavs. He was doing it again in Game 3 against the well-rounded Warriors.

Kevin Durant hit a 3-pointer to give Golden State a one-point advantage with 45.3 seconds to play. Irving tried to match on the ensuing possession. With Klay Thompson guarding him, Irving missed with 28.1 seconds remaining. Golden State held on for the narrow victory.

Kyrie Irving regrets how he treated Mike Brown when he coached Cavs

Mike Brown was fired twice by the Cavs, and one of those times was partially the result of Kyrie Irving.

The talented point guard was the No. 1 pick by the team, so Cleveland obviously wanted to keep him. But the team was worried about Irving’s relationship with Brown and thought the guard might leave if he was still the coach.

While he’s not interested in the Vegas odds for the series, he does appreciate how rare of a moment this is for basketball. This is the first time ever two teams have met each other for a third consecutive year, and it’s also James’ seventh straight trip the Finals.

I think it’s going to be great for my legacy, once I’m done playing the game and can look back on the game and say, ‘Oh, this guy went to three straight Finals, four straight Finals, five, six whatever,’ James said. I think it’s great to be talked about, see what I was able to accomplish as an individual.

When you talk about longevity and being able to just play at a high level for a long period of time, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do that and be a part of two franchises that — being able to take two franchises to four Finals apiece — no one has ever done that either, so I’m always happy and proud. I’ve always been proud to be part of the biggest stage in our league, and it’s the Finals.
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As for this series, James feels both teams have improved from last season. He expects another good battle, and says it’s one for the history books.

Elite Mens Lawrence Guy Jersey I don’t know what the outcome is going to be, but we’re going to write about it and talk about it during the series and see what happens, James said. But I’m honored and I’m happy and I’m extremely excited to be part of the Finals again.

Packers-Cowboys was TV classic NFL desperately needed

The Packers’ 34-31 victory over the Cowboys was the game the NFL needed to remind millions of TV viewers why we love pro football.

Heading into Sunday’s telecast on Fox Sports, the NFL was coming off it’s worst TV performance in years.

The league’s overall TV ratings fell 8 percent during the 2016 regular season, sending shock waves through TV networks and Madison Avenue, where live NFL games were viewed as the last DVR-proof programming.

Then the wild-card weekend of the playoffs produced mostly one-sided games. They followed a forgettable 2016 season filled with blowouts, poor officiating and political protests by players that turned off some longtime NFL fans.

So how did the Falcons thrive and advance so easily against a still plenty nasty Earl Thomas-less Seahawks defense There was no magic formula or insanely aggressive game plan from Shanahan. It was simply maximizing his personnel with the ideal blend of toughness and explosiveness.

First and foremost, Atlanta invested a lot in it’s offensive line the anti-Seahawks of high drafting and free-agent spending and it showed. There wouldn’t be anything fancy Shanahan could do with his play-calling if that wasn’t such a strength.

It was the group needed to overcome the Seahawks’ quick-twitch edge pass rushers and powerful inside run defenders. Quarterback Matt Ryan was left relatively clean; he was sacked only three times on 40 dropbacks, and chucked 338 yards and 3 TDs. As he’s also done all season, Shanahan kept a disciplined run D off balance with his perfect interchanging of pace between Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman.vikings_123

Ex-ref: David Tyree’s incredible catch that sank Patriots in Super Bowl almost whistled dead

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It’s one of the greatest plays in sports history Eli Manning’s pass in Super Bowl 42 that wide receiver David Tyree leaped and trapped against his helmet for the catch that sank the undefeated Patriots.

Give Tyree credit for the sensational catch, and give props to Manning for escaping extreme pressure to get the pass off, but Carey deserves some credit, too, for rushing to get into position for a better view of Manning in the pocket.

Carey, who retired after the 2013 season, recently told Tony Siragusa of Yahoo Sports that under normal circumstances, he would have blown the play dead when defenders grabbed Manning, who appeared ready to go down.

Nothing apparently has changed since last year, when Rodgers’ younger brother, Jordan, appeared as a contestant on the reality TV show The Bachelorette.He told the shows star, JoJo Fletcher, the quarterback and family weren’t on speaking terms.

In November, Bleacher Report ran a story claiming Rodgers had not talked to his family since December 2014, and that immediate family members did not even have his cell phone number. Presents the family mailed to Rodgers for Christmas in 2014 were mailed back a couple of months later. Ed and his wife Darla do not attend his son’s games anymore.
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Ed Rodgers told the Times that, Fame can change things. The Lions could have avoided this trip and hosted their first postseason game since Ford Field opened in 2002. The chance was squandered last Sunday night when Detroit lost the NFC North title at home to Green Bay.

It was yet another example of the Lions coming up small in a big-game situation a problem that has haunted this team for years and years. But one could reasonably argue the Lions shouldnt have even made it this far.

Super Bowl 51: Rex Ryan lands TV gig with ESPN

Former Bills coach Rex Ryan will be a big part of Super Bowl Sunday, after all.

The report said ESPN is a likely front-runner to sign Ryan to a longer deal if there are no coaching opportunities to his liking.
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‘Rex is a great personality and has a unique perspective,’ Seth Markman, ESPN senior coordinating producer, told SBJ. ‘He knows the Patriots really well. He’s raring to go.’

I was very public in the broadcasts that I did. I thought he was the catch, and this is long before I was ever thinking in this role, I was just thinking in my job as an analyst, I thought he was the catch of this head coaching cycle. I really did. I think it’s one of the best years I’ve seen a coordinator have. But, when I talked to [Falcons QB] Matt Ryan and the players on this team, they spoke of the leadership and the presence that Kyle had in front of that room.

I think that in this league, again, I get to see a very global outlook of the league and there’s a lot of really good coordinators, but there’s some that really separate themselves. I just thought Kyle, he really did that this year. He has impressed me for a long time. This year he put it all together. And it wasn’t just calling plays. It was setting up plays and he was doing things and as soon as I got in front of him and saw the other part, his philosophies and how they marry with mine and all those things it just got me really excited. So, those are my thoughts on Kyle.
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You mentioned some of the coaches you played under who were influences on you. But, as you look to being part of a front office and making personnel evaluations, are there models you look to or guys you might bounce things off of who are known more as scouts or general managers

MLB scores, standings, live updates for Monday

Sunday was another day for big offense in MLB. Sixteen teams scored five or more runs (with five of those teams losing), and four teams scored 10 or more runs.

And speaking of big, the Yankees’ Aaron Judge hit a ball 6 miles in Yankee Stadium (full disclosure: It was only 495 feet) for the longest homer of the 2017 season so far.

Meanwhile, that other New York team, the Mets, showed signs of life by taking three or four from the Braves, highlighted by strong pitching from Robert Gsellman, Steven Matz and Seth Lugo. And speaking of good pitching, the Nationals’ Max Scherzer reached 2,000 career strikeouts.
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On the field Monday, there’s a limited slate of games. Off the field, Monday is the start of the 2017 MLB Draft, which kicks off at 7 p.m. and kickstarts big-league dreams for a slew of MLB hopefuls.

Authentic Mens Greg Salas Jersey Imagine, for a moment, Randy Johnson in Atlanta’s early-1990s rotation next to Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Steve Avery and (maybe) Greg Maddux. Could have happened, folks. The Braves picked the tall lefty with the ridiculous fastball 鈥?ridiculous because of its speed and the pitcher’s inability to control it early in his career 鈥?in the fourth round (one spot before the Royals drafted Will Clark, but more on that in a moment) but Johnson turned down the club’s signing bonus offer of $50,000 . Instead, he opted to pitch collegiately for Southern California. As a side note, know what 1982 draft pick did sign with the Braves? Future college football coach Urban Meyer was the 323rd player picked that year (13th round), but he hit just .182 in 138 career minor-league plate appearances and was done with his baseball dream by 1983.

Georgia Tech and Connecticut before opting to go with Boston College.

That player would “never” play for him again, Ditka said. He followed by saying he wished players like Kaepernick would be more humble for the game that made them rich and famous.

“Kaepernick would be an unknown. A complete unknown. He’d be a complete nobody. Nobody would know who he was without the game of football, without the sport he’s playing. Not to respect that, you have to be a pretty unintelligent person, I would think,” Ditka said. “I don’t care what your preferences are. You can have anything you want to. What he had was given to him by the game of football.

“I think its important that some of these young people playing the game start giving something back to the game,” Ditka said. “And respect the game the way it should be respected — instead of acting like a bunch of fools out there.”

Mike Ditka tells us @POTUS is doing great and will be better than Obama who did nothing as President!

Ryan was recruited by Purdue, Iowa, Georgia Tech and Connecticut before opting to go with Boston College.

“I remember signing,” Ryan told McClure. “It was at my high school. We had a number of different athletes at our school who were signing to go to different places. And it was a fun event. I chose BC because it was an awesome place. It’s a great school. It’s a great place to play football. The city is one of the best to go to college in. There’s so many schools, so many different places you can go hang out. It’s was an awesome place, and I’m glad I made that decision.”

According to 247Sports, Kyle Wright was the top quarterback in the class, beating out five star prospects Chris Leak (No. 2) and Robert Lane (No. 3). Ryan ranked behind the 2003 class that also included current or former NFL signal-callers JaMarcus Russell (No. 5), Dennis Dixon (No. 6) Brady Quinn (No. 7), Matt Flynn (No. 15), Kevin Kolb (No. 43) and Joe Flacco (No. 47).texans_029

Seahawks face critical decisions as 2017 free agency approaches

Womens Charles Clay Jersey With about $27 million in cap room for 2017, the Seahawks don’t have a large surplus to spend on free agents. But they won’t exactly be hurting for cap space, either, and the question is what they will do with that room. Will they look to invest in positions of weakness with the goal of improving in 2017 or will they try to preserve future cap room for when more pressing contract decisions need to be made.

While there may be some differing opinions on the strengths of the Seahawks it is pretty much universally agreed upon that their biggest weakness is the offensive line. The Seahawks have a total investment of just $7.9 million a year in their line, by far the lowest in the NFL, where the average team invests close to $27 million. It’s been a position of neglect for some time as the Seahawks have allowed, over the past few seasons, a complete turnover of the line to occur by moving on from their starting tackles, guards, and center.
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The Jets have already opened up $10 million of cap space by declining an option on left tackle Ryan Clady, making him a free agent in 2017. Right tackle Breno Giacomini missed most of last season and should not be back in 2017, saving the Jets $4.5 million. Erin Henderson landed on the NFI list in 2016, which should make it an easy decision to slice his $2.6 million salary.

Receivers Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker count for $16.25 million on the cap, and their release would free up over $13 million in cap space. Marshall has struggled in two of the last three seasons and seemed to wear on his teammates last year, which makes it likely he would be cut. Decker is coming off an injury, and given the departure of offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, it’s unknown how well he will be utilized even if healthy.

Tom Brady pick-six gives Falcons 21-0 lead over Patriots

Tom Brady would probably like a re-do for Super Bowl 51.
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The longtime Patriots quarterback has not had a good showing in the first half of the game, punctuated by a Robert Alford pick-six that put the Falcons up 21-0 before halftime. The worst part? It happened deep in Atlanta territory, and was New England’s best chance to score so far.

Alford jumped the Brady pass and returned it 82 yards for the score. It was the fifth interception thrown by Brady in seven Super Bowl appearances, and the first time he had thrown a pick-six in 34 career postseason games.

A similar deal for Berry would significantly cut his cap hit, which was $10.8 million last year. If Berry were to be tagged again, that hit would jump by a mandated 20 percent to $12.96 million. The Chiefs could use that extra $8 million or so to add more quality players on both sides of the ball.
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Another benefit to signing Berry to a long-term deal before the March 1 franchise tag deadline: The Chiefs would then have the option of placing their franchise tag on two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Dontari Poe, who otherwise would hit free agency on March 9.

Berry is far too important of a player for the Chiefs to let hit the market. Other teams will see him as a safety who can do it all 鈥?play in the box as an excellent run supporter, cover the best tight ends man-to-man and play outstanding zone coverage, short and deep.

If the Jets make a majority of these cuts and trades, they likely will have well over $50 million in cap space at the start of free agency. The big question: Do they go back to their strategy of 2015 and try again in free agency to revamp their roster, or do they go back to the strategy of 2013 and focus on the draft while hoarding cap space for the future?

neither team scored in the second inning.

The Phillies exploded with seven runs in the first inning on the strength of three home runs: a two-run shot from Mike Schmidt, a two-run shot from Bob Boone and a solo homer from Randy Lerch. (That’s pitcher Randy Lerch.)

The Cubs answered with six runs in the bottom half, hitting for cycle that inning, which included Dave Kingman’s first of three homers on the day.

Somehow, neither team scored in the second inning.
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The Phillies exploded again for eight runs in the top of the third after sending 13 men to the plate. Gary Maddox led off the inning with a double, and later capped the scoring with a two-run homer.

After holding the Cubs scoreless in the bottom of the third and then putting two more runs on the board in the top of the fourth, the Phillies led 17-6 and probably thought they finally had things under control. They didn’t.

Jason Hammel Womens Jersey Out of the three, Archer would likely be the most intriguing. He has legitimate ace potential if he is not already there and still has room to improve. Moving out of the AL East, where the ballparks seem to produce a few more runs than other divisions, may help Archer as well.

Darvish seems like a longshot. The Rangers will not be sellers, and they won’t want to give up their ace to a division rival, so it would be supremely expensive to spring a deal for his services.

Cole seems the most likely out of the three aforementioned players. He is still only 26 years old, has flashed ace potential, and the Pirates will not be contenders this season. Though Cole will also come with a hefty price tag, should be less than Archer’s or Darvish’s.